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day 13 in the u.s.

Posted in uwm with tags , , on September 16, 2008 by krpwcz

it’s our second week in milwaukee already, we get more and more impressions from the united states, as said in my last blogpost most of them are very positive =)

on saturday we went to our first ‘block party’, which was organized by the catholic church a block away from where we live… after sleeping long we went shopping nearby, tom told us about a skateshop some blocks away, so we decided to check it out. we bought some shirts and jeans (it’s true that the clothing in the u.s. is extremely cheap compared to europe) and (happy with our purchases) we sat down on our terrace and had the great idea of drinking one or two beers before going down to the block party and eating something. we spent our whole afternoon chilling on the terrace and drinking “one or two beers” (the 2 crates of miller we bought vanished pretty fast). at 7pm we went down to the block party with tom and helen, where we had some more beer and burgers. from what i remember i liked the church party very much, it was nothing like the “bierzelt festln” in austria, where some drunk farmers listen to other drunk farmers playing farmer tunes or awful cover songs. the people were nice (mostly people from the neighborhood, but only a few young ones) and the music was great, it was an older guy from milwaukee (pretty well known here btw) playing blues with his band. i forgot his name unfortunately.

on sunday we had to fight with a strong hangover, so we decided to drop in at mc donalds for a fast food breakfast (mc donalds burgers taste better in usa, especially when one’s drunk). we spent the rest of sunday relaxing at home, at noon we watched the green bay packers play against the detroit lions (green bay packers = epic win). later the son of tom and helen came to dinner with his girlfriend and we spent a nice evening eating helen’s meatball spaghetti (delicious as always) and chatting.

on monday we had a meeting with the school’s marketing team and presented them our ideas concerning the open day (equivalent to our “tag der offenen tuer” in hagenberg). we’ll be working on a non-interactive presentation, which will be shown on huge screens, and we’ll be developing a game in which the visitors will get to know the school of information studies and the courses offered. while flo is playing around with after effects, i started doing the artwork for the game (the game will be held in old videogame-like graphics)…

ok, i think i summarized the last days pretty well, now im going back to my pixelart =)