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christians on campus and international welcome party

Posted in uwm with tags on September 22, 2008 by krpwcz

time for my third blog post in the united states =)

work is going great, i’m still doing the pixel artwork for our game, while flo is messing around in after effects (with nice results btw)…

we use our free time to get to know as much as possible of the american way of life, and collect many impressions in the time we’re here…

last week, we had a visit from the “christians” on campus (see flickr photos) which was a funny experience (and pretty schocking at the same time, that closed-minded morons like this still exist)… i had some heated discussions with them until i decided that this is a total waste of my precious time, so i talked a bit to the nice girls from the counter-movement =)

wednesday we finally spent some time on german (or at least bavarian) territory again =) tom took us to the bavarian inn (, where a jazz big band from hessen (sister-state of wisconsin) played… the music was great, the band members cool and the beer awful (miller lite lol).

on thursday evening we went to the german stammtisch, which is taking place in the ‘von trier’, a bar which is 4 blocks away from us. although nobody from the stammtisch arrived the evening was still full of win, i wasn’t asked for an id so i could drink some good beer (bitburger) again. on this place i just have to mention the friendly attitude of the americans again: when they hear some1 speaking german, they immediately come over and start a conversation…

on friday we encountered that kindlyness again… professor (and former dean of the sois) mohammed aman asked us, if we could help his wife with an indesign problem… we agreed and around noon he took us to his home, which is about 20 min north of milwaukee… we helped his wife (she is publishing her husbands articles in bookform) which took about 10 min. for this short work time mohammed bought us delicious jimmy johns sandwiches for dinner and we spent some time chatting with him and his nice wife. it turned out that they have 2 unused bikes in the garage, and before leaving, they decided that we should take and use those bikes until we leave in december. i wish ppl in europe would behave as friendly and helpful as here.

on saturday tom and helen had their annual international students welcome party. we helped helen with cooking the chili and cleaning the house and had some chili+beer breakfast. at about 2pm the students from all regions of the world (germany, sweden, japan, korea, mexico, …) started to arrive and we had a great time with them. in the evening we joined some of them in the gasthaus (student’s pub in the basement of the university) and had some fun (drinking games ftw).

while i was sleeping saturday’s condition off on sunday, flo and tom were pretty productive, they took a look at the bikes and adjusted brakes and stuff… when i got up we took one of the wheels to the bikeshop to straighten it out and bought locks.

in the evening we watched the sunday live packers game against the dallas cowboys. it was a deserved win for the cowboys…

i’m sitting in our office atm and shifting pixels again =)