finally a blog update

although much in happened the last weeks, i just wasn’t in the mood to write a blog post.

first of all i want to express my deepest condolence to family muggenhummer in grieskirchen. after one month i still can’t believe what happened. i’m so sorry for your loss.

so what happened in the last month since my last blog post?

the absolute highlight of october was our new york trip at the beginning of the month. we flew on thursday the 9th and returned on monday the 13th. on friday we met up with kathi from cbl05, who is doing her internship in canada and was only a 7 hour busride away from ny. we spent a really nice time visiting some of the famous sites in the big apple.

on friday we went to see miss liberty on liberty island, then we took another ferry to ellis island to see the immigration museum. we took a long walk to see wall street, ground zero (or the construction site of world trade center 2012) and a little bit of chinatown. then we went down to time square and spent some time shopping (toys’r’us and virgin megastore ftw!). in the evening we saw the grease musical which was totally full of win. in the evening we went to a bar, drank some pitchers of bud and took the subway to our hostel. the hostel was quite ok, it was only 20$ a night, so the millions of flies in the bathroom and the uncomfortable bedrooms were ok for that low price.

saturday we went up the ‘top of the rock’. 20$ for an elevator ride is a total scam, but the 360 degree view from the top of the rockefeller was just unbelievable. luckily kathi had her camera with her, so we took some pictures. later we went chilling in the central park. in the evening we went to time square and enjoyed food at friday’s (it was worth waiting half an hour for a seat ;)). after a small shopping spree at time square and some pitchers of beer we went back to the hostel.

sunday morning we went to the moma (museum of modern art). i can honestly say that this was the best museum i’ve ever been in. great exhibitions, but unfortunately the photography exhibition was closed for october. we spent about 4 hours in the moma (which was much to short =)).

afterwards we went to see the blue men group. it was a great show, must see when you are in new york!

on monday flo & me drove back to laguardia airport after 3 hours of sleep. after a short flight back to milwaukee (only ~2 hours) we came home totally exhausted and decided to not go to work monday afternoon. we spent monday chilling at home.

it was really a great trip, new york city is really enjoyable as a tourist, but i just couldn’t imagine living there. it’s just far too huge. so i was really glad when we came back to ‘small’ milwaukee. the downtown here seems so cute and tiny after seeing nyc. =)

the rest of the month was unspectacular, but really comfy.

we celebrated helen’s birthday by going to a mexican resteraunt that tom & helen enjoy. had some great food (huge portions) and margaritas.

we got thrown out of the gasthaus because flo passed me a beer. i got thrown out of the red room (a small fun bar near us at humboldt & water) for drinking a coke (!!). i said i’ll drink soda since i’m underage here, and i don’t want any trouble. but the barwoman was a bitch and kicked me out. but apart from these two incidents i was pretty lucky here i guess. there are bars that don’t id me, plus we spent some nice evenings at a place which is rented by four miad (milwaukee institute of art & design) students.

helloween was real fun here in the states. on the weekend before helloween we were carving pumpkins with tom & helen, and afterwards we were waiting for trick & treat-ing children to come around.

on helloween we were invited to a huge helloween party at the miad students’ place. i’ve never seen such a huge party. a really huge amount of people partying hard in a rather small house, everybody dressed up (unbelievable how much effort and money goes into the costumes here), everybody drunk. and we were lucky that there was no problems with the cops (like it can happen on parties of that proportion).

at work everything goes well, we finished our first projects for the open house (which was on the same day as helloween), flo is continuing his work on the flexitutor (his project from the last semester at hagenberg), i’m going to have a meeting with jacques tomorrow, where he will tell me what new features he wants to see in the math flash game (my project from last semester).

ok, now i’ll try to keep the blog more up-to-date, then i won’t have to write such mega-posts like this one =)



One Response to “finally a blog update”

  1. mega posts? c’mon karpo! ur kidding πŸ˜‰
    and, btw, it sucks to be u not >= 21 πŸ˜‰ cheers man, have a good time!
    thanks 4 sharing ur thoughts with us!

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